Success Stories

Having a tough week? Read about some students who’ve faced similar obstacles and made it through.

Atypical – College grad and successful author Jesse Saperstein has wide-ranging insights to enjoy. NEW

Am I Still Autistic? – Now a successful college graduate and CEO, John Hall talks about his life and his new book. NEW

Future Ram Lives, Thrives, with Asperger’s – a Colorado football player who was recruited by several schools.

On To College – a pioneering non-speaking autist is headed to Oberlin. NEW

7th grader shows he has mettle for college chemistry – a Rhode Island middle schooler is more than making the grade.

Angel Oregon finalist hopes judges embrace his efforts – a Mount Hood Community College alum who invented a new material and is launching as an entrepreneur

Sixteen Years Ago – author Ann Palmer reflects on her son’s journey.

Alumnus Scores Prestigious Apprenticeship – a Bard College at Simon’s Rock grad makes his way in the theatre world. NEW

The Little Professor Goes to College – scroll down to read this dad’s tribute.

Chad Winkler – a Missouri S & T profile of a recent alum.

Autistic student blogger gets national attention – interview with a student at Wright State

A Dream Not Denied – an NYT article about a student at Carnegie Mellon, and more general observations on the growing number of college students with ASD’s.

Book: Scholars With Autism Achieving Dreams (Lars Perner)

Book: Aquamarine Blue 5: Personal Stories Of College Students With Autism (Dawn Prince-Hughes)


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