Texas Tech’sTECHniques Center is a program for students with learning disabilities or ADHD/ADD, explicitly including students on the spectrum. From the program website:

The TECHniques Center is a fee-for-service program of Student Disability Services. The only tutoring program of its kind in Texas, the TECHniques Center provides supplemental academic support services to meet the needs of, and to promote the retention of, undergraduate students with documented evidence of Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit/Hyperactiviety Disorders. The TECHniques Center supports students in maintaining their focus, accomplishing their educational goals, and making education accessible to those who learn differently.

School-sponsored program: Yes

Mentoring: Unclear

Counseling: through other campus resources

Social Skills Instruction/Coaching: Unclear, but the counseling center has a social coaching group

Academic Support: Yes

Application Required: Yes

Extra Fee: Yes

Additionally, the College of Education houses the Burkhart Transition Academy for students with ASD’s, although it is not clear whether any college credit is available or whether it can serve as an entry point into regular matriculation.

If you have additional information about services provided to students with ASD’s at this school, click here. If you want to share your experience with those services, do that by leaving a comment below.