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Mason does not have a specialized program serving students with ASD’s, but the school is listed as “friendly” by Inside College. The school does offer the Academic Counseling Program, although it is unclear how intensive the program is:

Students with learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often have difficulty adjusting to the demands and rigors of higher education.  Developing skills to sustain attention, structure to manage academic assignments, active learning strategies, and support to stay on task can measurably improve student success.

The Academic Counseling Program teaches strategies that enable students to enhance their academic performance, and provides an opportunity for students to get support to help them stay on task.

If you are having difficuty with attention, procrastination, completing assignments, this program may be for you. If you think you may have attention deficit disorder or a learning disability, or have been previously diagnosed with either of these learning differences, this program may be for you.

In addition. GMU students can work with AHEADD to get the support they need:

AHEADD continues to have successful experiences on the campus of George Mason with the students that they support.

School-sponsored program: No

Mentoring: Yes

Counseling: through other campus resources

Social Skills Instruction/Coaching: Yes

Academic Support: Yes

Application Required: Yes

Extra Fee: Yes

If you have additional information about services provided to students with ASD at this school, click here. If you want to share your experience with those services, do that by leaving a comment below.