Earlham has a reputation for being a tolerant, free-wheeling kind of school, and it is listed as “friendly” to students with ASD’s. It does not appear to have a specialized program serving students with ASD’s. The academic support and disabilities offices are under a single organization, however. From the school website:

Most college students discover at some point in their academic career that they would benefit from additional academic support. The Academic Enrichment Center offers free peer tutoring to all students, has information on disabilities and study skills, and meets individually, on a limited basis, with any student to work on learning strategies.

The Academic Enrichment Center is also responsible for assisting students with diagnosed disabilities through the coordination of reasonable accommodations. In addition, the staff provides access to technological assistance and can refer students to resources in the local area.

If you have additional information about services provided to students with ASD’s at this school, click here. If you want to share your experience with those services, do that by leaving a comment below.