Denison has an Academic Support and Enrichment Center that provides coordination of services, including:

  • Individualized Academic Support: Upon student request or by faculty referral, the Academic Support & Enrichment Center offers individual counseling and monitoring of a student’s academic progress.  Professionals in the Center also serve in a supplementary advising role for students by establishing connections with faculty advisors and related university departments where appropriate.
  • STUDYWISE Study Skills Workshops: The Academic Support & Enrichment Center presents educational workshops designed to facilitate the mastery of study strategies and learning skills, and to improve overall academic performance. Standard workshop topics include college reading and writing skills, test preparation, stress management, time management, improving memory, and other relevant topics.
  • University Tutoring Program: The University Tutoring Program provides one-on-one tutoring for almost all subjects.  All tutors are nominated by faculty in individual academic departments and take part in tutor training and development. Tutoring for individual courses is available at no cost to the student.
  • Campus Outreach: Professionals in the Academic Support & Enrichment Center facilitate workshops for student organizations upon request and promote academic achievement through creative programs. The Center also provides support to faculty and administration on individual matters as well as general information about academic issues. Through coordination of the Food For Thought and Faculty/Student Meal Programs, connections between faculty and students are fostered.
  • Disability Services: The Academic Support & Enrichment Center coordinates the delivery of services for students with documented disabilities including responding to requests for reasonable and appropriate accommodations.