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Clark does not have a specialized program, but the disabilities services office appears to be quite responsive (the school is noted as “friendly” to students on the spectrum). From the school website:

The coordinator of disability services or the advisor of disability services is available to meet with students who have self-identified and provided disability documentation. These meetings are at the request of the student and can take place as often as once a week, but most students find that they prefer to meet a few times per semester. These meetings can focus on various aspects of student support including:

  • Course Selection
    The coordinator of disability services or the advisor of disability services works as a secondary academic advisor to assist students in course selection.
  • Problem Solving
    The coordinator or the advisor of disability services can assist in problem solving academic concerns. Whether it is an issue in a certain course, or a difficult assignment, our office is more than willing to offer advice and brainstorm with students for possible options. If we are unable to help, we will likely be able to point to someone who will be able to help.
  • Organization and Time Management
    Adjusting to college life can be a lot of fun, but it can also be really difficult. We understand that it is likely that this will be the first time you have been on your “own.”  We are available to help you figure out the best way to manage your academic, athletic, and, yes, even your social life.
  • Connecting to resources
    Clark University has many resources available to all students. We will be able to help you access these resources.
  • Self-Advocacy
    College students with learning disabilities who are able to self-advocate and to describe personal strengths and weaknesses possess two of the most helpful skills used to increase successful outcomes.
  • Assistance in accessing text in alternate format
    Some students may need to access their text in an alternate format. In this case, the coordinator will assist students in locating and ordering texts.

School-sponsored program: Yes

Mentoring: No

Counseling: through another office on campus

Social Skills Instruction/Coaching: No

Academic Support: Yes

Application Required: No

Extra Fee: No

If you have additional information about services provided to students with ASD at this school, click here. If you want to share your experience with those services, do that by leaving a comment below.