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The coordinator of disability services at NICC has a blog on higher education and disability issues, including this information on her school’s services for students with ASD’s:
Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) offers a plethora of services to students depending on their needs.  Your program advisor and service coordinator work together with you as a team to assist you with your educational plan and help you meet your career goals.  The services coordinator assists with self-advocacy, time management and organizational skills.  For students who are in need of a more one on one service, the Calmar Campus offers mentoring and classroom coaching, as well as a support group that meets once per month.  This gives you an opportunity to network with other students that have different talents and skills.  Students assist each other with learning acceptable social skills on campus; interacting and communicating appropriately with others including your peers, faculty and staff.   

School-sponsored program: Yes

Mentoring: Yes

Counseling: No

Social Skills Instruction/Coaching: Yes

Academic Support: Yes

Application Required: Unclear

Extra Fee: Unclelar

If you have additional information about services provided to students with ASD at this school, click here. If you want to share your experience with those services, do that by leaving a comment below.