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WKU’s program is associated with the Kelly Autism Program. From the school’s website:

The KAP circle of support provides three major areas of supports: private room, study tables and mentoring.

We recognize your need for space and will provide a single room.  Every attempt is made to assign you to a residence hall that has a quiet living environment.  As part of KAP, your rate is for double occupancy but you will be assigned a single room.

KAP also provides mandatory study tables for our participants four days a week for three hours at a time. During this time we work on executive functioning skills (organization, prioritizing work, etc) as well as tutoring. Study table staff consists of undergraduate and graduate students from WKU who have been trained in using “Evidence Based Practices” for people diagnosed with ASD. The staff is from a variety of back grounds including: Exceptional Education, Communication Disorders, Public Health, Psychology and General Education. The KAP director and managers are WKU members, who are actively involved with the participants during the tutoring sessions, social activities, and meeting with them individually.

The third support our program provides is mentoring. Each participant is assigned a mentor (undergrad or graduate KAP staff) who meets with them on a weekly basis. The mentor will help the participant get acclimated and involved on Western’s campus. Mentors help their mentee get involved in the various clubs and organizations. Mentors will also do periodical dorm checks.

School-sponsored program: Yes

Mentoring: Yes

Counseling: No

Social Skills Instruction/Coaching: No

Academic Support: Yes

Application Required: Yes

Extra Fee: Yes

If you have additional information about services provided to students with ASD at this school, click here. If you want to share your experience with those services, do that by leaving a comment below.