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From the MSU website:

Welcoming students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), BOND went live in 2010, offering extensive opportunities for social and communication development. Personal contributions have given students at Michigan State University with ASDs a new opportunity to connect with one another, grow both personally and as a unit, and make continued contributions to MSU and the Autism community.  The BOND program vision statement, created by program-participants, empowers students as they participate and shape the development of this dynamic program.

Social Outings:  A core element of the BOND program, social outings offered throughout the semester create opportunities for connecting with others who share similar experiences and challenges in a safe and respectful environment.  Organized outings provide both facilitator/mentor-guided discussions and activities related to social and participant-centered skills, as well as opportunities to practice social skills in natural environments.  Each outing incorporates engaging activities with purposeful and individualized skill development.

Skill Development Workshops:  In addition to social outings, monthly skill development workshops cover topics essential to college, career, and life success.  From stress relief and coping strategies to employment and interview skills, BOND participants have the chance to develop and practice relevant skills.  Guest speakers provide varied expert perspectives as well as tools for life management.

Peer Mentoring: The mentoring component of the BOND program gives participants the opportunity to work on individualized goals with a peer that understands their unique strengths and challenges.  Mentor/s, chosen for their academic success and leadership skills, build rapport and provide support for mentees.  Each mentor is provided with training on mentoring, as well as the roles and expectations of BOND mentors.  Mentor/s provide curriculum and individual guided support based on the goals and needs of each mentee.

Individualized Curriculum Programming: The BOND curriculum takes a needs-based approach and incorporates strategies and activities that can be applied to participating students’ daily lives.  BOND mentees have the opportunity to meet with their mentors to discuss personal goals, strengths, and challenges so that the program is optimized for the needs of each student.

School-sponsored program: Yes

Mentoring: Yes

Counseling: No

Social Skills Instruction/Coaching: Yes

Academic Support: No

Application Required: Unclear

Extra Fee: Unclear

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